Thursday, October 6, 2011

Romance week: Aries and Scorpio

In this fierce and fiery scene, Aries and Scorpio are locked in eternal battle.

Scorpio, on the offensive, finds the thick wool a daunting obstacle to reach Aries' heart, and attacks his exposed head instead.

Aries, while on the defensive, proves to be quite skilled at the use of his horns, and is another unclaimed prize for the poisonous killer.

TOMORROW: Aries and Pisces


Avery Bailie said...

As a Scorpio I find this to be entirely true though I would not describe myself as a poisonous killer, others would be less generous.

Tim Fish said...

These drawings more represent my past relationships (I am the Aries) rather than generalizations about any signs/people.

That said, I am afraid of you now! :-D