Sunday, October 2, 2011

Femme Fatale

Welcome to October!

We finally have a bit of fall-like weather here in Boston. It's been unseasonably summer-like, right up through last weekend...which was Union Square's annual Fluff Fest.

Fluff, the story goes, was invented here in Somerville. For those of you who don't know what it is, Fluff can be described as a semi-liquid marshmallow, which has made me sick each time I've attempted eating it since I was a little boy. Once, I carried around a Fluffernutter (Fluff and peanut butter) sandwich around with me for hours, until I got the courage to throw it over the stone wall into the woods.

I digress.

The festival was lots of fun, despite the disgustingness of the food and particularly the Fluff-dropped-into-beer.

Adam and I had much fun, taking pictures of many interesting things and people. Including this gal, which I later sketched after Adam's photo reminded us she was worse than we remembered. No older than 15-ish, sat a group of girls, among whom was a compatriot not more than 5' tall, but an easy 250 lbs. Nearly round. But the bad part was the TIGHT lemon yellow tube top she wore which accentuated roll after roll of fat.

It was sad, but in this sketch I turn sad to glad, as she's portrayed as a signer, perhaps in a pop band. A true femme fatale!

Riffing on that, I drew her singing away, with a manipulative manager type creating his plans for her. Maybe the story will continue!

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