Monday, March 7, 2011

Euro-tour two-thousand and eleven

Typically when I travel, I am sad at the airport, to be leaving behind my life and all. There's often too much time on your hands for "thought" and of course, the terminal itself isn't all that comfy.

Once I board the plane, I am Ok, and once I land, I am really excited to be where I am at.

But this time, as I sat in the airport, I was nothing but happy! Given what 2010 was like, I just sat there realizing how lucky I am...on every level...for everything. And most particularly, my emotional "journey." I really am proud for dealing with stuff and not postponing for another day.

I said my good-byes over the phone, and then boarded for France, looking forward to the festival and seeing my friends.

Arriving at CDG, I was surprised to feel sad...since I'm usually elated on arrival.

But looking around at the couples, I felt kind of alone. I was meeting up with Abby, and with friends, but it just wasn't the same.

Onward to Paris to meet up with Xavier, and then Jeff, and once in Angoulême, Marie-Claude. M-C took us to this lovely bakery/cafe and ordered a brioche.

This time of year, it's served in a similar way to King Cake in New Orleans...but instead of a porcelain Baby Jesus, there is a porcelain shoe baked inside.

Since I got the shoe, I was crowned King!—and I can expect good fortune for all 2011. Yay! I also must buy the next brioche, apparently.

That night, I shared raclette with Jeff. It's basically a giant wedge of cheese, served against a heating element. As the cheese begins to melt and ooze off the block, you slop it on to the meats and veggies they bring you on a platter. It was sooooo good, but I felt like a pig for eating so much cheese.

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Jeff said...

Cheese orgy is the best my king! Yum! ^^
And don't forget to keep the "fève" (the shoe) in your wallet to make money come your way this year.