Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Amsterdam is so cute I could hug it!

I hadn't been before, and I'd heard much of it, so I was excited to go! Abby and I transferred by train and arrived at our affordably-priced, super-clean hotel. On to exploring the neighborhood and eating pancakes.

I ducked into WE at Matt's insistence, and bought a fun flower-print shirt. It came in brown, purple, and light blue. Abby encouraged me to buy one of each for myself, but I resisted.

Later, we met up with a friend of a friend who is an erotic film director, and her baby. I asked to hold the baby—a big deal for me, I am not really comfortable around babies, small children. They break too easily! But, in the past 6 months, I have stepped up to overcome my hang-ups one by one.

For dinner, I was happy to find this hole-in-the-wall place, "Coffee & Jazz" which actually is an Indonesian restaurant with a Jazz soundtrack. We were the only party in the place (there were only 4 tables, anyhow...), and the old Dutch owner/restauranteur was bopping around. It was a great meal and a very off-beat experience. Loved it!

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