Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Casual convention

This year, through some SNAFUs, we were very limited in booth space, so I wasn't exhibiting. This was a little sad, but it was also really nice to be able to walk around Angoulême and the festival with out much of an agenda.

While I was on a panel, and had a few scheduled signings, I was mostly roaming about, looking at the gorgeous books, admiring the charming village, and hanging out with friends.

I finally made it to the museum of comics, which (no knock at the comics museums in the U.S.) is Smithsoneon caliber.

Of course, I ate and drank a lot. But the long walks and steep hills to climb in Angoulême burned off more calories than I could consume, and my 30" waist jeans were beginning to fall off. I had dropped a lot of weight in 2010, and finally broke down and bought a slimmer size. And here, I admitted to myself that I'd have to drop down again.

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