Monday, March 14, 2011

No one gets this one

After an emotionally exhausting few weeks, and a roller coaster of a 2010, I finally unwinded enough for, hrm, I'm not really sure how to describe...I guess a relaxed state in which emotions freely flow.

So this is me with my heart on my sleeve. No one gets this drawing, so I added color. Abby suggested that it should be pinned to my sleeve, near my shoulder. I guess no matter how you look at it, one's literal heart on their sleeve is kinda gruesome.

Onward for a bit of tourism and shopping in Paris! Wheee!

Jeff insisted we cross this very romantic footbridge. The chain link fence on either side was covered with locks placed by lovers, with their initials carved into the locks (or written on them). I wonder how many of those hearts are still connected...

Every once in a while, I stay in closer contact with someone I meet at a convention. One such fellow, Sylvain, could not attend Angoulême this year, so I attempted to draw him instead. It doesn't look quite like him, the face is too long/chin too big.

Since he's now "stationed" in Taiwan for the forseeable future, I was inspired to discuss meeting up in Japan. This is now not likely to happen in part due to finances and in part to the horrible events late last week.

Early Friday morning, I headed out to NYC and was asleep on the bus all morning, so by the time I heard the news of the earthquake and tsunami, everyone was abuzz. So awful.

Obviously, events such as this can really put your own problems and stresses in perspective. That said, it's been a rough month, certainly testing my faith.


Aman Chaudhary said...

Beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fish, before I even read your explication, I knew exactly what the heart on your sleeve was. I hope your 2011 is more personally rewarding and fulfilling. I would also like to know if the bridge seemed romantic because you were with this Jeff. :)

Tim Fish said...

Aman: thanks!

Patrick: aw, that is sweet...Jeff is a dear friend to be sure...though we were joined by Xavier and the lovely Abby Denson, too!