Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Still not a morning person

First day of the Angoulême festival, I agreed to get up early and help Xavier set up.

The second day, I was a bit tired, a bit hung over, and not needing to be at the festival early, I only got up to see Xavier off.

He has this skill to wake up and be instantly chipper but non-annoying.

On this day, I was on a panel "Mainstream vs. Indie" comics, which was fun.

Actually, I am a morning person; I typically am up by 7. HOWEVER, I definitely need to ease into the day with minimal conversation and maximum neck-pinching and head-squeezing (reduces my recurring and debilitating headaches).

There are other sketches of this day, which will remain UN-posted. Those in the know—and you know who you are—know why.


Aman Chaudhary said...

Way to tease us with the un-posted sketches! :P

Mitey said...
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Mitey said...

Ha! I got a completely different interpretation from this at first, since a golem in Jewish folklore is a man formed from mud and reanimated (often not very well)...