Thursday, March 17, 2011


The next morning in Amsterdam, we ate breakfast in the hotel's breakfast room, along with other guests and the hotel's HUGE Maine Coon cat. He was sooo sweet. But this one tired/angry looking patron wasn't so into him. Then, she violently attacked her biscuit. It was like one of those nature shows, where the predator is silently, patiently waiting for it's prey to innocently step too close, then STRIKE! But really, that biscuit wasn't going anywhere.

After Abby and I wandered a bit, took a canal boat tour, we met up with a reporter interviewing us for the gay youth magazine Expresso. Albert was cute, but the cuteness was intensified by his CNR (Charles Nelson Reilly) glasses. The three of us were walking along, and Abby noticed all the window displays—her declaration made my heart skip a beat and I immediately went into a bit of a void.

And though I was in A'dam several more days, that evening is when I stopped drawing...last entry.
Above are the 2 two-page spreads I drew; the second being me falling into my emotional void after Abby's comment jarringly shifted my mood. Poor Abby, she had no idea.


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