Monday, March 21, 2011

STAPLE! 2011 Report

Dear Monica was hyping Austin's indie comic show STAPLE! for the past several years. Her rec plus my free crash pad @ Scott's, plus the enjoyable company of them both was the inducement to go. Not to mention Austin itself—I love it there and hadn't been for 2 years.

The con itself was about half the size of SPX and had a very regional feel to it. Aside from Monica, I didn't recognize any exhibitors from SPX, MOCCA, or APE (though that may be unfair, I stopped going to APE several years ago).

Sales were low...Austin may be more of a hipster scene than a gay one...but I did have a few nice conversations with some fans of mine, who were surprised to see me in attendance.

One fan also creates comics, and I love her style. I suggested we do a sketchbook swap: I'd draw something in hers if she drew a hot guy in mine. She has started a "Sub-Mariner and Aquaman" sketch book for other people to draw in, so I happily complied.

Here is the result.

I'd never drawn Sub-Mariner before, but, um, he's kinda fun to draw! Just a built guy wearing some Aussiebums. Nice.


Kachi said...

You posted the picture!! Thank you so much~! (This is the girl you traded with, btw!) Yes, Staple was really slow this year. I think making it two days may have been a little hasty, but I've always had a blast there in past years. It was cool being able to meet you after reading all your books! Hopefully we'll cross paths again~

Tim Fish said...

No link love? Badly done, Tim, badly done. Check Kachi's site at :-D