Monday, March 28, 2011

A study of my beard

I didn't pack my shaving stuff when I went to Europe, and on my return, I was feeling lazy so I didn't shave. Time marches on and I developed a mountain-man beard.

Maybe it was driving me itchy-crazy; maybe I knew I would be shaving it soon; maybe it was sheer boredom of sitting through an all-day board meeting...but on nearly every page of the giant PowerPoint handout, I drew some version of me in my vintage 1963 mod stripe suit with beard. I was having a good hair day, too.

Alas, all good (and bad) things must come to an end, and the beard has since been shaved. Haircut occurred as well. Feels much better this way.


Avery Bailie said...

Yeah I tried a beard for a while and although it was cool passing off as somebody who's older than 21 (sometimes) it was quite itchy and often required maintenance. Also my Dad kept calling me the fighting Irish. I am now pleasantly content with my minimal scruff.

Tim Fish said...

good call! it works