Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The streets of Paris

Yes, this is pretty much accurate. I admit a few bits of the story were removed for sake of the one-pager. The funniest part in reality was Jeff's violent reaction.

Also funny, which couldn't be included was both Xavier's and Jeff's reaction to the excursion. I thought we were near a shop I wanted to go to, and Xavier insisted we try to find it even though I didn't know the address. I was concerned about being gone too long, and Xavier said, "Oh, Jeff always complains that it takes me an hour to buy a croissant because I get lost or distracted. He won't even be out of the shower by the time we get back."

We didn't find the shop, and indeed, our croissant purchase basically took an hour.

When we got back, Abby was still Skype-ing and Jeff was just getting out of the shower and said, "Oh, I told Abby not to expect you back for an hour."

It was funny to me how well they know each other, and lovingly make fun of their foibles.

I am excited to see them both next month!

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