Sunday, December 5, 2021

Draw mode: ON

I complete my last course for grad school just prior to Thanksgiving, and now it's time to draw again!

At first I started work on penciling a short vignette, the second of three about my experiences working at a sandwich shop when I first moved to Saint Louis. Monica inked the last few stories I've drawn (which was a great experience, as I had to try to get my pencils as finished as possible), but she's not available to ink this latest. That's fine, as I am hired to pencil, ink, color, and letter a shortie for an Image Comics creator-owned property (and wow I needed the warm-up).

After pencils, I didn't get much inking in before I had to turn to the Image ditty. But there, pencils complete, now back to inks for my own project to prep for inks for Image!

Image one, my drafting table. Yes, I am still drawing on paper. Once I am finished my thesis, I will likely convert to iPad and Procreate. For now, my bandwidth for learning something new is limited.

Images two and three, selfies for photo reference. I used to call upon whatever friend I was sitting with, "hold your hand like this," or moving their arm in the right position for me to quick sketch. Not much hanging out in coffee houses with friends since Covid hit, but now there's no need to torment them.

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