Sunday, September 4, 2016

Baby OGN update

Believe it or not, there is something of an update about this OGN I can't ever finish.

But first, let me share that this week has been awful! I awoke Monday feeling sick and by that night, I had a fever of 101+ that persisted most of Tuesday. I was somewhat function Wednesday-Thursday but the fever came back Thursday night, and Friday I pretty much lost my voice. It has barely come back.

But eesh, after so much couch time after hurting my back, and this past week due to the unexplained by my doctor illness, I am really tired of television.

Ok, back to the Baby book. You'll recall from past posts that I had written and drawn 6 chapters as vignettes back in 2005. I got distracted with my first Marvel assignment that Fall, and all kinds of projects in 2006. But I published the first 3 chapters in Something Fishy... in late 2006.

From there I got distracted with many things, year by year, until I picked it back up in 2011. I re-outlined the second half, attempting to give it more structure rather than the collection of vignettes it started as. I also wrote chapter 7 and drew 1.5 pages of it.

Then it sat again until earlier this year.

I had shared the original 6 chapters with Greg and the outline. He encouraged me to finish it...that it was cute and relevant. Accepting, too, that it would be far easily to finish this book than start one from scratch, I moved forward, and re-outlined the second half again. And re-wrote chapter 7. I've also drawn 3 more pages and drafted the cover. Wheee!

But something was nagging me about my outline. It was too much for what it was. So I condensed it from a 12 chapter outline to 10 chapters. Meaning, if and when I ever finish chapter 7, I'll only have 3 more to go.

Pretty awful for a book I hoped to have at New York Comic Con in a month from now. Booooo procrastination and sloth! 

Anyway, you should be following me on Instagram to see little snippets of drawings from this book and other stuff.

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