Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 Progress

I made a lot of bold plans when traveling last November!

Once, maybe about 3/4 of my bold plans came to fruition, now I'm lucky if any do. Ever since I moved into the artist building—6 years ago!—my art production and motivation for art have plummeted. Oh well.

But here's what I've been up to since I made my bold plans:

To get back into the swing of things, I penciled and inked a gothic shortie written by Greg Lockard for our poison press presents anthology with Monica Gallagher. PLUS I concluded my 3 month eBay/CL sell-a-thon...lots of furniture, comic books, and knick-knackery sold! 

Penciled and inked Saved by the Bell V2 #4. This was a challenge: I was serving as an interim "senior director" at my day job since September...and to boot, I now had two vacancies on my regular team. So I had a vast amount of extra work, plus I was running two searches.

Penciled and inked Saved by the Bell V2 #5. By now I was drowning and had to ask my boss to take work off my plate, including one of the searches. Fortunately, the other search concluded successfully with a great hire.

Penciled and inked Saved by the Bell V2 #6. I was officially miserable, but kept pushing to hit my deadline despite March being my busiest month of my day job year, and the only time of year I have to travel for work.

Spent the month catching up on all the things I let slide at work for the past quarter. 

Caught up with all the personal things I let slide for the past 4 months.

Back to the drawing board, Greg and I reworked "Re-Infinity," and I penciled and inked the sci-fi entry for poison press presents. I love the way it turned out!

No art this month, though I did keep trying to rework the second half to Baby Makes Three. Frustrated with my progress, I turned back to furniture to refinish, and eBay/CL to sell off action figures I customized and more furniture, books, and miscellany.

Next post, I will talk about August. It's been not-good (that's me trying to be positive). For now, here's a sketch I did recently. Started off as random lines and became an aerial view of a city block.

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