Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Oh, the (lack of) humanity!

For many years, I took the T (Boston subway) to work. When I lived near Porter Square, I began bike commuting to work 2-3 days per week. Since I bought my loft, I no longer live nor work on the T...or at least easily. I am only about a 10 minute walk to Lechmere, but that's green line—even worse, the E train! I only take it maybe about twice a month now, when I go downtown rather than twice a day to work. Since my commute is solitary, and my work environment homogenous, I don't see the slice of humanity I used to. Therefore, I'm not sketchy from that seen reality.

But this past weekend, I took the train downtown to appear on a comics panel at the Nat'l LGBT Journalist Association's annual conference (this year held in Boston). It was a fun panel, and I hung out in Boston Common on the way home. On the way there, I got to see this jittery gent, grooming himself en route to Park St station.

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