Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer boys—2011

Hello, summer!

Here to the left is Robert, with his big, bright, green eyes, and always-talking, always-laughing mouth.

I met Robert during Pride. Because MIT commencement/reunions typically falls on Boston Pride weekend, I can't usually go. But this year, they did not, and I went to Paradise's block party with Adam. There, met Robert.

It was just his birthday, so I colored this sketch I did of him a while back for the occasion.


As for some other eye-candy, clockwise from the left:

Skinny indie boy with nicely muscled arms, wearing some lightweight green cut-off sweatshorts that left nothing to the imagination.

Kid at MIT campus, who, from a distance, looked fat. But closer up, it was all muscle. I've never seen anyone fill out every inch of cotton madras shorts. Seriously, every inch of fabric was accounted for.

Another kid I saw on my commute. He was wearing denim cutoffs, and biking shirtless, shoeless, helmetless. He had a cute hayseed look about him. But really, he needs to wear a helmet.

Dude talking to another dude at the Porter Sq Shaw's. His arms filled out his cotton plaid shirt sleeves nicely. Otherwise, he had the 30-going-on-40 look. Or, he was a youthful 40. Either way, very nice!


aquaboy said...


SCARCEXL said...

Hellooooo Robert! :p

Tim Fish said...

X: yes, figures you would like the heavy-scruffed Robert. he is recently clean-shaven, for the first time in three years, he says.

Adam said...

You've seen me in madras shorts before.

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he is recently clean-shaven, for that earliest time in three years
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