Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tourism with a capital T

After an amazing 4 days of the festival, Abby and I spent an exhausting day doing the tourism highlights, as she had never been to Paris before. The path was determined by the pastry shops she wanted to check out and not the monuments.

Not sure why I didn't draw this bit: That evening, we met up with Jeff for dinner and ate in the Japanese section of Paris. We tried to get into a Karaoke bar, but were denied. We think it was a front for a brothel for Japanese business men. It was fun listening to Abby talk in Japanese and awkward as the madam at the door scowled at us and funny again when we were denied entrance.

The next day Abby left for NYC and I left for Lyon where I discovered I had lost my drivers license and had more than 700 work emails to wade through. That night, Xavier and I ate a gay owned cafe, where the owner warned me I wasn't allowed to leave until I eaten my entire plate. It was a charming chastisement.


Anonymous said...

"man jiggle"... tee-hee!

Jeff said...

Lol, brings back fun memories!
"Karaoke desuka?"
"Hum, Abby, I think it's a hooker bar..."
The boss of the "Ay" bar was such a cliché of a Madame... ^^