Saturday, February 27, 2010


I drew this during my booksigning in Lyon. They are characters from a short story that I have in my head, which, someday, will be drawn, combined with some other short stories I have in my head along with my solo portions of YBIL that I wish to reprint. I will probably use this image in some form or another as the cover to the anthology.

This story is kind of a quirky odd couple fellow is kinda retro (he likes scooters) and the other is a little old fashioned (he likes Mozart).

I was particularly proud of the Vespa here. I merely glanced at some photo references and did a quick sketch in my PM. And this is the masterpiece that ensued.

I happy to part with the line art (9"x12") for $50. :-P


Anonymous said...

I was going to point out that you did a spot on job with the Vespa.

Matt28800 said...

looks dangerous ;-)

Tim Fish said...

Tim: thanks!
Matt: they are scooting responsibly!
オテモヤン: I hope you said you liked it!

A Vespa is on my short wish list of big things I would like...just after a washer/dryer and a new mattress. :-\

Gregory said...

If Nurse Lockard was driving the Vespa I would've paid top dollar. Literally.

Javier said...

Perhaps you can give some pointers for responsible Vespa driving in your travel guides :)

You might want to delete that Japanese post. They are just spam links to Japanese sex sites

Anonymous said...

Mr Fish, the list order should be:

New mattress

Because, you clearly have access to a washer/dryer. You seem to be making do with your current mattress. But there are no substitutes for a Vespa.

Matthew said...

Sorry Timothy, I think Mr. Fish needs:

1. Mattress (though he has already been advised as to this) because he is more productive with sleep and thus more comics for US!

2. Washer and Dryer, to keep his stress levels down those Mass. Laundry places can be CRAZED!

3. Vespa, if the boy can get himself injured biking to work I can't image what he can do to himself on a vespa.

Tim Fish said...

Tim: I currently live across the street from a laundromat (can be crazy as Matthew points out) but when I move I won't be as near one. AND I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to the W/D, I won't be swayed!

Matthew: hey! be nice! was about a year ago that I was last knocked off my bike...ow!

jbhopkins1 said...

Tim, this is an excellent image! The guys, the coloring, the linework... the Vespa...
You should do up some prints of it for sale!

Aman Chaudhary said...

Cool! Love the background too. :)