Saturday, February 20, 2010


My last day took many unexpected turns. I was drenched while doing some light shopping, spoke French to some clerks, then cleared out my work email.

After the weather cleared, Xavier and I hiked up one Lyon's steep hills looking at the stunning views, in search of the jazz bar I had been to before. That evening's program called for "electric jazz" so it was on the "maybe" list as electric isn't my fav.

We ended up at this lesbian lounge, where shoes-off is the requirement. The place is filled with slouchy pillow-y seats and a very funny and nice lesbian owner. By the time we left, she had dressed herself up as Elvis. It would be a great space for a presentation. They served outrageously huge (non-alcoholic) drinks.

We next met some of X's friends at a geek game cafe, where we played Dutch board game "Finster Fleure" (I think). Each player gets 4 tokens; each token has a different character set on them. My character set was the dog, the scared boy, the fat kid, and the skinny Asian boy.

Later, dinner at a fancy pizzeria and then drinks at a gay bar. A patron was obsessed with Xavier's jacket (he was pretty wasted).

Oh—the cougar pictured here I saw the next day at the airport. Au revoir, Lyon.

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