Sunday, February 14, 2010

É os gays de Lisboa!

After days of hiking up the steep streets of Lisbon, taking in stunning vistas, photographing pretty tiled buildings, esploring museums, and eating lots of pastries, I checked out the Lisbon nightlife. Or, tired to. Most bars even if they say will open at 10, don't really open until much, much later. My actual first attempt to a jazz bar then a gay bar was thwarted by my tired-ness in conjunction with the late opening times. The next night, Roberto and I did grab a drink at a great mixed crowd lounge, FBA (friends of Bario Alto), one of the few interesting places open before midnight.

Anf the next night, I checked out Trumps, a gay disco. It was almost empty at 1:30 AM, but then suddenly filled to the max with a line out the door, in time for the lip-sync show. I stumbled home and got up early the next day to meet Roberto for breakfast on my last full day in Lisbon.

Along the way, I observed many gays. Trumps, like the George in Dublin, was a bit of "all things to all gays" with all ages and types intermingling.
Local fashion nearly demanded you tuck your tight pants into your high footwear, and open your shirt up.

My favorite guys were the normal looking from the shoulders-up but very fat from shoulders-down dancing fool. He took center stage often and had a style similar to Rerun from What's Happening. Runner up was the scruffy petite fellow wearing the beret, oversized cardigan, bowtie and tight jeans. very "classic student of painting" look.