Saturday, February 13, 2010

Utilizing Lisbon's transit

The next morning was sunny and cool, and my day of tourism with Roberto began with a busride out to Belem to see the monestary and cultural center. After soaking in the special exhibit (in which I delighted in seeing some Cindy Sherman photographs), we sat at the center's outdoor cafe looking out to the river, drinking coffee, sketching and talking. He then took me to a cafe well-known for yummy pastries. Rather, the only thing they served was one type of pastry. So good, their entire business thrives on it. We Metro'd our way to the site of the expo eating a traditional Portuguese late lunch, walking along the river, and taking care of a few errands roberto had to do. I ducked into an internet cafe and also the Pepe Jeans shop to take advantage of the sales (yes, I know I spelled "sale" incorrectly).

The next day we started by eating a pastry-filled breakfast, hiked up to Castelo Sao George and took in stunning views of the city, chatting and sketching along the way. The wild kitties living at the castle were at first fun and cute...but the more that amassed, the creepier it got. Later, we rode famous tram 28 as it winded a crazy path through narrow streets and steep hills. Fun!

I also began meticulously recording how much cash I was spending in my sketchbook. I am so used to not spending money (as I save up for these trips) that when it comes time to actually spend, I am weird about it. It's not that I don't want to spend it, I just need to know how much I am spending.