Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I always get lots of ideas after comic conventions and festivals; my recent visit to Angouleme is no exception!

I've been brainstorming how to finish BABY MAKES THREE and researching historic settings for some pitch art. Also in my brain is how to reprint some good older work that is either out of print (YBIL) or soon to be out of print (CAVALCADE).

And of course, the thing I want to do most, a compilation of my travel sketches. I've gone through all my old sketchbooks, finding some old gems, and last night I drafted this cover. I would like to print this the same height as all my other TPBs, but slightly narrower—which happens to be the dimensions of my little pretentious Moleskin sketchbooks.

Let's not jump to conclusions—first, I've not actually asked Xavier to translate my annotations. Nor have I actually selected sketches or annotated them (ok, sure, maybe I have some drafted from the sketchblog, but far from all).

And, of course, I have yet to go to Brazil and Argentina, which I would really like to do for this book. Research trip and all... So, lots to do before this project becomes a reality.

What do you think I should pursue? Baby Makes Three, reprinting older work (perhaps with some new material), pitches to publishers, or travel sketchbook?


James Figueiredo said...

I think any of those would be cool, but I'd buy the hell out of the travel sketchbook, especially if you do get to make some sketches in Brazil. Your cover mock-up looks AWESOME btw, it got a very "in Tin-esque" vibe to it, imo.

Javier said...

I have always been a proponent of a Tim Fish Travel Guide.

Bob Hamilton said...

Wow! I'd buy a Tim Fish travel sketchbook in a second! I love those entries in your blog, anything from the prententious moleskine ( I have one too)just makes my day. The recent entries were awesome. I just love your work-it's hard to find here in UK but so worth the effort!
Thanks for brightening my-and so many others' day, Tim!

C.Edwards said...

I think you answered your own question "...the thing I want to do most..."

Travel guide! But, after you've gone to Brazil and Argentina.

Tim Fish said...

you've said what I like to hear: that I should do the book and that Brazil will be a must! however, that'll mean waiting until I have the vacation time and $ to go. :-D

Bob: distribution is my achilles' heel! but last week I approached Turnaround which mainly supplies books to UK and Ireland...we'll see how that goes.

Matt28800 said...

work on Baby Makes Three while planning Brazil trip! Then after trip print Travel book... More Fishy Goods for us fans!

he he he

Anonymous said...

You know, a travel guide doesn't sound like it would need coloring by me, so when I think about it, I'm against the idea. Kidding, you know I support it.

eric w said...

I would *love* a Moleskine-sized Tim Fish travel sketchbook! Really a great idea!

Avery Bailie said...

I think you should do a whole book of your blog. It's really funny and gives us all an inside look at the life and times of Tim Fish. It even got me to build up the courage to start my own.

Xavier said...

Well, I would say all 4!
Reprinting is not gonna take a lot of time, even if you put some extra.
The travel books is a great idea (I can help with the traduction, lots of notes are really great on those kind of books). While waiting to visit more cuntries, you could pitch ideas or work for the big companies shark to make more money to afford travelling to Brasil.
By the way, the cover like it is is amazing, absolutly perfect!