Monday, February 15, 2010

Obrigado Lisboa—Bienvenue a Paris

I awoke early on the 24th to enjoy a harrowing cab-ride to the Lisbon airport. I meandered through the maze-like terminal, checking in, passing through security, and arriving at my first—first one there! Lisbon is very hilly and there was a solid 10 minute drive from the gate to the plane on a little transport bus, up and down the uneven landscape. Must have been a feat to build the airport there.

I arrived in Paris, and lugged my bags up to the 6th floor—will save my hotel commentary for later—and ultimately arrived at Paige Braddock's signing at Les Mots a la Bouche. Paige gets oddly stressed out about signings and boothings, but she did great and had a nice turnout! The next day, I bummed around town, did some light shopping, hit the Pompideu Centre and people-watched. I had dinner with Jeff, too, but that sketch is on the next spread. Until tomorrow!


C.Edwards said...

I simply adore these sketches.

Tim Fish said...

excellent!—I am glad you're enjoying them. :-) I've toyed with the idea of compiling a book of annotated travel sketches.