Monday, July 12, 2010

Womb Chair art

I recently almost bought a Knoll Womb Chair.

My artistic history with the chair goes back a bit. Not only did I include one in my Cannonball story (from the I ♥ Marvel series) but I found a drawing of one in my files dated 1990.

During college I was in a bit of a animation and Disney-esque animation phase. Hundreds of drawings probably amounted to a few seconds of motion.

This drawing was co-inspired by some Rockwell painting. Except I mod-ed it up. Boy in Womb Chair "ignoring" GF as she snootily walks away. I then drew each element of this as separate images: boy, girl, chair. I probably had big ideas to animate this.

Yes, I know the Womb Chair isn't tufted.


Xavier said...

Wow! I would never have recognized your style on this one. Very smooth and soft!

Tim Fish said...

hrm...would you have recognized my style in my other vintage art? just curious!