Friday, July 9, 2010

Credenza town

My new place has very limited wall space, 25 windows—and no closets. There are 3 walls that are "full walls" floor to ceiling. Of which, two are ear-marked for closet construction. But around the perimeter of the unit runs the heating pipes and a half wall, sitting underneath the 25 windows.

Hence, the credenza becomes a fantastic furniture option for both storage and as room dividers.

I bought my first via Craiglist for a fair price for the quality of the construction. I bought another for an super price at the MIT Furniture Exchange (considering it has beautiful tambour doors). The third I found for an AMAZING price ($10), with a catch—it was missing the shelves, 5 of the 8 shelf pegs, and doors. And, the back has holes cut from the low-grade plywood.

Thanks to my dad and his collection of scrap wood, he has made a shelf and doors. To stay a bit authentic to the period, I will cover the doors with cloth. And add finger pulls. I will take a photo when the project is complete.

In the meantime, enjoy the sketches I made, and instructions to my dad. As I said, he ended up using scrap wood and not buying inferior stuff from Lowe's.


Interior: I took a wooden dowell and made 5 shelf pegs. My dad made me 2 shelves, so it's wonderfully functional.

Back: I folded the edges of a piece of natural burlap and stapled to the back. I replaced the poorly-fitting make-shift cross board with a properly fitting one, and covered it with the same burlap. Now, the piece looks clean and neutral from the back and can be used as a room divider should I wish to.

Front: My dad made 2 doors from scrap plywood, and bevelled the bottoms so they would fit into the rubber-lined slider track. I wrapped them in "celery" colored burlap (period-appropriate grasscloth is tough to find in the colors I wanted!), added the finger pulls and inserted.

Now, I think this Canadian-made Paul McCobb-esque credenza looks far from perfect, but fantastic.


The Passenger said...

like it so much!

giorgio said...
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giorgio said...

did you really "make" it? I love it, i want one!!! :D