Friday, July 30, 2010


Action! Romance!

Pretty girls! Cute guys!

This loop around the rink will have it all! It will leave you begging for more! Ok, ok, I'm just trying to psyche myself up to get working on it. It'll be alright.

Right now, I am wrapping up work on a CAVALCADE SAMPLER, which will include the entire V1, excerpts from V2, V3, and Love is the Reason. It will be a limited run book, perfect for shops who still have V2 and V3 in stock. Otherwise, I will package it with my remaining V2 and V3s as a set, since the jumbo book is about 5 copies away from being out of print.

I hope to finish work on the SAMPLER this weekend. Show the cover layout and the wrap-around to my designer-friend Katha on Monday, make final tweaks, and start FTPing files on Wednesday!


Aman Chaudhary said...


Tim Fish said...

It's a derby term!

Coincidentally, Aman may be thinking of a very sweet gift a fan of mine gave me @ Comic Con: some home-canned jams! yum!

Anonymous said...

Will the sampler have new work? I have all the other volumes; I would hate to think I don't have the complete Fish.


Tim Fish said...

Always a dilemma whether or not to include new content. I like the fact that for anyone who wants to buy everything, there's something new...but I hate 'pressuring' people to buy a whole new book just for a few pages!

But yeah, the sampler has 4 pages of intro art, pretty much a retalling of the gay part of my OGN STRUGGLERS, and then a new 6 page story.

If the pre-press work wasn't such a bitch, I'd make the shortie into a mini comic too.

Anonymous said...

For a second I thought the title was JEM and got all excited.

OHHH! would THE Tim Fish do a request of Stormer from JEM! (truly Truly TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!)