Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Inbound #5 Preview

You may recall I did a last-minute 1-page story for the Boston-based comics anthology Inbound #4 last summer. It was the "Boston history" issue, and my story was a factual account of Bernadette's special talent from the locally produced PBS children's program ZOOM.

This year, the beautifully produced anthology's theme is "food." I was delighted to be asked to participate, as I'd hoped it would help get me out of a drawing rut. Rather, lack of drawing due to my home purchase, move, renovation.

I was blanking on the ideas and script, so it was Goo Goo to the rescue, providing me with a shortie after some brainstorming back-and-forth.

The issue I believe will be for sale in time for MICE, the new Boston indie comics show in late September. In the meantime, I will tease you with page 1!


Xavier said...

Looks like she has a ghost in her refrigerator (top inside)! :D

Greg said...

Can Goo Goo get a little link love? Dang, son!