Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fix me

Meant to post this some time ago.

We had quite a rainy spring, and therefore I was taking the subway more often than usual (you may recall that my primary transport to work is bicycle).

Those familiar with the Porter Sq subway station know its giant escalators are in frequent disrepair. Its usually annoying when you have to walk up or cram onto the only working escalator, but on this day, it wasn't annoying at all.

The two repairmen assigned to the job both cleared 6' and were each very cute in their own way: one skinny and scruffy, the other something like an ex-Marine. Put the pair in matching jumpsuits and you have the intro to a porn in the making.

I moved away from the Porter Squarea in May.

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Anonymous said...

"Skinny & scruffy?" TOTALLY crush-worthy...