Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thought Bubble

When Monica got a half table for the UK's comics festival, I thought, "Hey!—that sounds like fun; I will try to get a table, too."

But I missed the deadline, I was kindly told. When I inquired about a waitlist, I was kindly ignored.

Greg, Xavier, and I were posse'd in to help Monica set up her table, when her con neighbor asked her if she wanted to buy the half table between them—apparently some friend bailed. 

Monica passed, but I asked, "How much are you asking for the space?" The reply I heard was, "350 pounds." So I passed as I didn't have many leftover books from the signing at Gosh!

We went about our merry way, and I spoke with many creators and looked at many fun and amazing books. 

Chatting with Monica later, she corrected me: they were only asking 50 pounds. If I had heard that correctly first thing in the morning, I'd have bought the table and sold some wares.

Fine as it was, since I got to talk to so many people.

Including my new comics pal Timothy Winchester, creator of People I Know. My favorite character is the piece of toast, not so much for what it says, but just the fact that it's a piece of toast. That slays me. I drew some of the cast in my sketchbook. Enjoy, and go enjoy his webcomic!

Oh—have to throw one negative thing in there: in the main room, the ceiling and walls were black, and I found it really oppressive, like the ceiling was crushing me. Otherwise, I'm a fan of Thought Bubble.

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