Thursday, December 10, 2015


Last night in Leeds, at Pieminister again, I remembered we had yet to bowl in England! So our friends at the restaurant directed us to Roxy Lanes. A short walk away and lanes available for us.

It was an amazing night (for me). Usually Xavier and I would be neck and neck in the high 60s, maybe 70s. but for me to make #6 in the Roxy Lanes high scores of November—WOW.

Cute patrons, cute manager, and nice bums everywhere made this Sunday night memorable.

Here's the recap of bowling with Xavier:
  • US: Somerville MA (twice)
  • Canada: Montreal
  • Belgium: Brussels
  • Scotland: Edinborough
  • Germany: Munich
  • England: Leeds 
Though I've mostly seen Xavier in France, it's odd we've yet to bowl there

Otherwise, we missed bowling in Austria and Italy...but I think that's it. Angry about Vienna...but I was in no shape to bowl in Italy.

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