Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lovely Leeds

I am sure there are some Leeds haters out there, but do not dare count me among them!

It has the rep of being a nasty, awful, industrial city. It might very well be, but I guess I'm used to a lot worse.

Two hours to London by train, a charming and walkable city center, with few coffee houses but pubs that begin filling up at 2 in the afternoon, I thought this place was great.

Everyone was just a bit more friendly than in London, and of course, everyone cute was cuter as soon as they said anything.

Typically at a comic con, you're pretty locked in to up early, find something to eat, be at the table all day, find something to eat and drink, the end. But not having a table allowed me some wandering/tourist time.

Wandering around the flooded river walk, learning about the city from a local, seeing the little German Christmas market, and of course, pie at the Pie Minister. Way better than Piemaker in Edinburough... food was better and they served beer (plus I loved the little bird logo). Sure, it's a small UK chain, so not quite local color (but as Ian said in London, "everything is a chain these days.")...but that give me hope that there will be a Pie Minister Somerville someday.

Owl souveniers everywhere, and I love owls. Maybe I will Instagram all my vintage mid century modern brass owls. Turns out the owl is a symbol of Leeds, with city hall adorned with owl statuary too.

Excited to visit Leeds again (presumably next year for Thought Bubble!)!

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