Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Actually, it's not at all how it happened...

After an afternoon of walking about the city center with Xavier, we met up with Greg and Monica at the (dive?) gay bar Delmonica. It was kismet.

On to dinner, we ended up at this pizza pub. Monica ordered parmesian fries as a starter. Greg liked the sound of this, so with his burger, he'd hoped to get that with the parmesian fries instead of the regular fries.

Not sure how it happened...the accents of Greg and the (very nice) waitress; the idioms and syntax used in the exchange...but (long story short) we ended up with a lot of fries at the table.

After dinner, we went to the Waterloo bar, a very old school place. It was very quiet there, but the company was lovely.

Overall, I'd say we had such a warm and welcoming time in Strathsbungo, that the impersonality [not a word] of the city center left me feeling OK to be headed home.   

It was such an amazing trip overall! Very inspirational and motivational for me to be drawing regularly and working on comics. It was great to talk through some issues and make key decisions. Since I've arrived home, I have the next 3 scripts approved for Saved by the Bell that I've started working on. That will consume my January, February, and March for drawing, but per my plans documented here, I hope to turn back to and complete that baby book. That could give me a new book in addition to two volumes of SBTB for the fall convention circuit.

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