Friday, December 18, 2015


Before my UK trip, I'd been making progress on my annual purging of unwanted stuff. While I love the result, the process is always a drag. Goodwill runs, eBay postings and re-postings, rummaging the recycle room for the right size boxes, and trips to the post office. But I'd say about 3/4 of my stuff went  quickly.

On my arrival home, I decided it was time to face all the stuff I have stored at my dad's place in NH as he's made arrangements to sell the place. This meant refinishing 5 pieces, and, in order to utilize the vintage maple bookcases I've been stowing there since July, I'd need to sell off my vintage birch bookcases, once I made 4 custom base cabinets.

Three custom cases built by me (foreground and left), and one vintage one (background).

I started the refinishing process and building the custom bases. The custom bases looked bulky and ugly. But, I thought, "they provide me storage." Except one worked ok, one worked with great difficulty, and one was non functional. I knew I could make them work, but they'd be uglier still. Ultimately, I decided to purge even more stuff, negating my need for all that storage.  

It was much easier to select stuff to sell off. Now I have a mound of stuff to move on Craigslist, eBay, and to Goodwill. Purging is my hobby, but right now, the frequent trips to NH (each weekend for the last 6 to work in the wood shop) is more activity than I need. But after this weekend, I'll be done the work and it's just a matter of selling and getting rid of stuff.

So no drawing to post today...but you get to see 3 cabinets I built (or am in progress I'm building). That's sort of like art.

UPDATE: I finished altering the cases on Saturday and made doors that function. Sunday, posted to CL and by mid-afternoon sold off for my asking price. I recovered the expense of materials, and for my labor, I was paid for, as my dad says, "in experience." Failed experiments are never really a failure...but still a lot of work! But at least with this, cash outlay/intake neutral. 

And the buyers of the trio want me to build them a record cabinet.

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