Saturday, November 7, 2015

Un-Euro Tour 2014

In honor of my pending UK trip, I present to your the very few sketches I drew last fall, when Xavier and Jeff visited me in Boston.

As I'd mentioned, I didn't want to be traveling far at this moment, and we had just learned my mom's illness was back, so I was very glad Xavier wanted some USA time.

He started out in Los Angeles, in order to attend Bent Con. He enjoyed the show, though its scale underwhelmed him, perhaps. I don't know if he liked LA much, aside from the weather.

But he arrived in Boston for a few days in New England. on our first day, we walked around Boston, and eventually ended up at Brass Union with my neighbors for drink and food. As they filtered out, Xavier and I lingered, playing shuffleboard. 

I love bar shuffleboard. But Brass needs to get a little scooper for the "sand." You have to use your hands to scoop it, and it's pretty gross.

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