Monday, November 23, 2015

This IS my first time at the rodeo!

My day job sent me to two back-to-back conferences in Houston. Among the planned activities was an excursion to the enormous Houston Rodeo.

The mutton busting was cute, but a lot of the other activities made me kind of sad for the animals...from the bull riding to calf roping to even the prize animals. 

But, I was reminded even the worst of these creatures are treated better than those headed for slaughter.

Nonetheless, nothing says 'Merica like a chesty woman in a sparkly evening gown riding around a sports arena with an American flag that spits our firecrackers that startle the horse into full gallop.

A Boston native turned Texan kept her eye on me the whole rodeo, explaining, "I love to see the reaction of people from home the first time at the rodeo! It's always the same look..."

Indeed, I had a look of awe, wonderment, and ridicule all rolled into a horrific glee. 

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