Sunday, November 8, 2015

Newport in November

I decided to bring Xavier to Newport, for several reasons:

1) It's a great day trip in any weather...sunny and warm, walk the Cliff Walk. Rainy and dreary, tour the houses.

2) Xavier loves castles and audio tours.

3) Newport was settled as a summer resort for the elite for a reason—it's beautiful.

We drove down, toured the Breakers and Rosecliff, grabbed a bite to eat, and as this day was unseasonably warm for November, we walked the Cliff Walks.

Newport is home to Salve Regina University, mainly comprised of old mansions donated to the school, converted to classroom and dorm space. So, for a stodgy old town, it has its share of young people.

While it was warm, I don't think it was warm enough for a run in super skimpy lighter than air running shorts. But this lean, buff lad clearly had something to show.

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