Friday, November 20, 2015

Josie Weekend!

Are you excited for a Josie weekend? Here's a little preview of how thrilling it's going to be.

I hope I didn't post any of these earlier. When I was asked by Archie publishers to share some sketches, I only had this one on hand. So, I made a few more to share (which I did) and will share with you after I color them. FYI, that's how far it went with Archie.

As a lover of obscurity, I always liked the history of the comic before the animated series made it famous. The series started off as She's Josie, then shortened to Josie, and when the animation deal came along, revamped as Josie and the Pussycats. During the conversion, Pepper, Albert, and Sock were dropped, and Valerie was added. I definitely love the animated series, but am fond of the comics series and the live-action film as well.

My wish list for comics projects is pretty small...but a crack at Josie is one of them. Someday!

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