Friday, December 10, 2010

Things I Drew For Other People Week: Excalibur

Here's a long-time coming ditty. Was tough to get my hands around...I've drawn Nightcrawler plenty, and some Kitty, but otherwise pretty unfamiliar with the UK super-team Excalibur.

They're pretty funny...Kitty wearing that super-baggy jacket and boots; another version of Phoenix whose dykes-on-bikes mullet transforms into a flaming mohawk when she dons her S&M/dominatrix gear; Captain Britain, whose costume I admit was a challenge for me to draw; the captain's lover Megan, with her bare feet; plus Nightcrawler. Add in Lockheed the dragon, and there you go.

I only thumbed through some of the old comics to study up on their enemies, the Warwolves, which were the villains in my Northstar story earlier this year. Alan Davis' art is yummy, for sure.

I drew this during the summer, one of the first things drawn on my new (used) drafting table. Love the line weights. Just finished coloring on Painter.


Xavier said...

You of all should have bothered with the costume and draw Captain Britain shirtless (remember the night-green-pants he was wearing shirtless in those Davids issues? :p)

Matt28800 said...

This is perfect. I love that you have them all in their 'early years' costumes. Thank you.

Suzene said...

This was the first series I ever tracked down all of the back-issues for. I'm pretty sure that Alan Davis drawing Nightcrawler in a naught but suds/a bath towel/his underwear contributed heavily to this.