Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things I Drew For Other People Week: Fan Creations!

I love it when I am asked to draw the creations of fans! These are both from Comic Con International in San Diego, 2007. Sometimes I forget, but I try to take photos, or beg scans from the people who have hired me on to execute their vision.

The first image is of a sexy kind of androgenous (as I tried) couple created by my lovely fan Suzene. I'm sorry, I don't recall their names!

The next drawing is of the heroic gay couple Dulcet and Caterwaul. My memory is fuzzy, but I think they were created as a vocabulary teaching thing, and were since gayed-up. I just LOVE their uniforms and symbols. I took some artistic license with Caterwaul, exposing his thighs. The creator like that, and I believe was going to incorporate it into the character design moving forward.


Eric said...

Hey, it's my guys!

They're Dulcet and Caterwaul and were created in a superhero vocabulary-word challenge for the gay comic APA Northstar (and copyright me -- just saying). Your picture is framed up on my home office wall and is one of my favorites. I love the joy in their faces.

You're one of only two artists out of the dozen or so pieces I have who has kept them holding hands as they are in the reference art.

Thanks again for a great drawing!

Tim Fish said...

Eric! Thanks for commenting and clarifying my fuzzy memory! (c) you indeed :)

You reminded me that I also loved your reference art...very very cute.

Suzene said...

(Finally have my main machine up and running, which means I have my bookmarks back, which means I'm playing catch-up like whoa. Hi!)

Haha, those two! The stripey one is Steven, the dark-haired one is Tim. It's a running joke between me and my primary artist that Steven doesn't own a shirt (I maintain that it is not my fault he always shows up half-naked in refs -- she's the one who likes drawing stripes), so it's so nice to have a piece that's got them both bare-chested. ;)