Thursday, December 2, 2010

If you love the Teen Titans... may or may not like The New Mutants, depending on whether or not you are a DC or Marvel fan, whether you like the X-Men lineup, etc. etc. etc.

Here's a study of some of the characters from my sketchbook. I know a "commission" I had done some time ago, which I posted here, and was passed around the internet freely, probably has more musings on them.

Lately, I turned to them to add to my standard repetoire in my sketchbook. Yes, I typically prefer DC fare, and the Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, the Batman Family, etc. are my staples.

But don't forget—my Marvel "breakthrough" was a Cannonball story, and I did insist on including the original line-up of the New Mutants in a panel of my Northstar story.

I have a few more in my sketchbook, and love Indian-ing up Dani Moonstar. I guess I have the bear story stuck in my head. Since my last New Mutants post, I read many issues of the original series. The stories were ok, the art, amazing. Overall, a great read.


Aman Chaudhary said...

I remember reading a New Mutants annual as a kid. I forget which one, but it was drawn by Alan Davis. There was this one shot of Sunspot on the beach in nothing but tight black speedos. Forever burned into my memory! :)

Tim Fish said...

hah...Brazilians and their speedos.

Tony said...

My high school sketchbooks are FULL or drawings clearly influenced by Bill Sienkiewicz's style. I loved New Mutants, but my love for it picked up when he came on board, and petered out after he left.

Dani Moonstar really was one of the best characters from that time, and Demon Bear was one of the better storylines.

Great sketches, by the way.