Friday, December 3, 2010

Pool boy

I was recently playing pool with some new pals at Diesel. At the table next to use arrived 6 Italian teenagers (MAYBE college kids). Three girls, three boys, all gesticulating wildly. One of the boys had to give the girls a lesson, and it was cute to see them lined up, thrusting the cues in unison.

One boy was kinda ugly, one was Ok and had a big Dolce and Gabbana belt buckle holding his pants up slung so low, I have no idea how they actually stayed up. The third was the cutest, tallest and most wirey, and had long shaggy hair. He was funny to watch.

They all had matching tiny binders, maybe photo album/scrap-book things. They were signing and swapping them while they took turns playing pool.

Their chaperone stuck to the counter read a book or something.

Otherwise, I had a fun time playing a game I am not terribly good at. I didn't scratch once, and sunk a few balls, including the 8 on my first game, thus winning for me and my partner.

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