Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr. Fate

Drew this for no particular reason, and ended up inking it. I think I was bored in some staff meeting or something.

It's DC's "Dr. Fate" and his wife Inza, and the Salem, Massachusetts tower they reside in. In the mid-late 40s (DC geeks can correct me here) suddenly he started wearing a half-helmet. It's the full helmet that transforms Kent Nelson to the doctor. I don't know if they ever explained the reason why he went to the half-helmet. Kent, in his own right can fly, is stronger than the typical man, and can cast simple spells. So during this period, he was merely posing as the doctor, and was much weaker. Just when the nation needed him most! Bummer!

Later, he mysteriously got his helmet back. I remember from all the JLA/JSA team-ups in the 70s and 80s when I first started reading comics, Dr. Fate's powers were visually represented by the Ahnk symbol (he'd shoot them out and they could do anything from trap villains to heal the Huntress' burns).

Today is SPX. If you're in the DC/Baltimore area, stop by the hotel bar, where I will be hanging around!


Matt28800 said...

interesting... I have never seen him with the half mask. I always wanted to know more about Inza though... Always felt like she was pretty powerful but played the little ms. to him. hmmmm

Tim Fish said...

I don't recall her being powerful... though I stopped paying close attention after "the Crisis."

Anonymous said...

After Crisis Inza was portrayed as having absorbed some of the magics in the tower, and later became a part of the Dr. Fate persona. Nice sketch, Mr. Fish.