Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boys of summer week: NYC

I understand NYC is proportionally more gay than other places, say, small towns, or red places such as Tulsa. But ultimately, it's the sheer volume of PEOPLE that makes it a really, really gay place. Not only the number of people, but the fact that you see them everywhere (the streets, the subway, the parks) unlike a big city such as Los Angeles where people are more hidden in their cars and tiny houses with private yards.

So a trip to NYC in the dog days means the gays are out and about, half naked, and cruising for sex anywhere and everywhere.

This fellow sat diagonally away from me and Matt in an EV park. We took note perephorally, and in that manner, it was clear he was unnervingly staring us down.

Also, I was able to some quality brainstorming on a pitch! Yay, comics!


Xavier said...

Is he missing on his right hand? :p

Xavier said...

is he missing SOMETHING on his right hand? (sigh)

Tim Fish said...

haha... you can print the drawing and add anything you'd like!

Matt28800 said...

I think it was very possible he left his sunny perch and went home and DID place something in his right hand after seeing such a sexy pair.