Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Mutants commission

Not too much to say about this one...just a little 3"x6" commission I decided to color for fun. I have so much free time on my hands since I finished my book! Just kidding—between my class, and two short stories with Marvel due by Thanksgiving, I shouldn't be playing with Painter now. Anyway, this was an on-the-spot sketch, and since I'd only ever read one issue of New Mutants (in preparation for my Cannonball story for Marvel a few years back), this is what you get.


Tony said...

I for one read the New Mutants religiously in the 80's. This pic makes me happy. Thanks for sharing!

Xavier said...

That's nice but I'm wondering who the chick with the purple hair is?
Is it Chan?

Tim Fish said...

X: it's supposed to be Karma, but at the time I drew this, I didn't know she was supposed to be angry all the time. oops. as I said, the drawing is based on my very vague memory of the characters. :-)

Anonymous said...

I always thought the strange relationship between Cypher and Warlock was gay-coded. All of the "I'm inside of you/You can wear me on your body" was odd, overly friendly yet chaste enough for the 80s.

Matt28800 said...

Wow! Mr. Fish... I love this one!

I have always been a big New Mutants fan! I am excited that marvel has decided to bring back the old team and relaunch the series. Sadly the art in the new books thus far has disappointed me, but... I hope they keep trucking.

I love the cast you drew, (only sans Magma and Warlock) I never realized how GIRL heavy this team was.

Your Cypher has the sheepish battle-uselessnes that that character always seemed to have too bad he is dead... or is he?!

In re: Karma, when I first saw it, I thought you were making a nod to the later happier (and now OUT) Karma, that had bright pink hair in X-Force. The writers seem to have toned her back down to being more upset and confused again... oh well.

Keep up the great work, and if suddenly a team shot of the original Excalibur line up appears on this site I wouldn't be mad at you. ;-)

I hope the lucky fan who got this commission is happy!

Matt28800 said...

Anon: also Warlock would refer to all of his other team members as 'SelfFriend' but he would refer to Doug as 'SelfSoulFriend' Soul mates.