Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wonder Woman Week: Wondergirl

Sorry for fizzling out on the "whole week" of WW; my day job and book production got in the way.

Long story short on Wondergirl: she originally appeared in the pages of WW's comic as simply WW as a girl (in non-continuity stories). The editors of the Teen Titans series was asleep at the wheel and made her a member (in continuity stories), creating a long history of trying to explain her existance.

My drawing is after Gil Kane's famous revamp of her in the early '70s. Her costume was a marvelous blend of practical (pants! no cleavage on display! low-heeled boots!) and impractical (magic lasso as her belt! necklace and medallion! and matching wrist bracelet—not pictured). I love the field of gold, silver, and black stars wrapping around her body.

I had drawn a similar one for a fan @ NYCC which turned out horribly, so I had to do it right. Looks like I need another silver star on her hip though.

I'll also use this when I re-make my packaging for my custom Mego Wondergirl. If you're not familiar with Mego action figures, or the fervor for customizing them, I really can't get into that here and now. It would probably require a whole blog devoted to it.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Mr. Fish. My Mego Wonder Girl had helmet hair, not at all like Gil Kane or Nick Cardy hair.

Matt28800 said...

You should post your Mego Wonder Girl so we all can see her!

Xavier said...

I never could stand her. Each time she's appearing, they're trying to change her origin so that it makes more sense, and finally it makes less and less sense! :p
And shee seemed like Wonder Woman, whithout the brains! (she seems too gullible/dumb and too sensitive).
Nice drawing!

Tim Fish said...

I don't think I could just *post* my customego Wondergirl! Would be too far out of conext. No, it will take a whole blog devoted to my hundreds of customs.

Nightwing said...

I LOVE LOVE this piece! LOVE. That Wonder Girl image is one of my absolute favs. And your version rocks. And Tim, I think I was that guy at the New York con that you drew a Wonder Girl for... this one?

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