Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sure, I like to draw the Titan boys (see prior posts) but since I really do love the original run of Teen Titans, I am no stranger to drawing the girls. While Wonder Woman and Wondergirl appear every so often in my sketchbook, Lilith—to to character—has been a bit more elusive. But the other day, there she was. I really Fd up her right hand, so there are a lot of hands on the page as well (not inked). In the background are Gnaark and Mal. I've actually been drawing the Titans a lot lately due to my Mego action figure collection. I had customized the original Titans... and lately have been reworking the mistakes. I thought while I was at it, I'd draw some art for the boxes. Maybe I'll share all that bizarre Mego stuff with you some day.


Anonymous said...

I love Lilith. She was always my favorite, and I thought she was never used well enough (except, oddly in Brave & Bold 94 -- great scene there). Thanks, Mr. Fish! patrick

Tim Fish said...

I just re-read that one, thanks for mentioning it. Yeah, it was a good way for her to use her "knowing things" abilities to creep into mind reading without her being outright telepathic.