Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New project

Since I'm still burned out of page production,I've been sketching a lot—which is great. During peak book production, I was so busy @ MIT and so busy @ home, that I wasn't sketching at all. And after, I was too tired. Recently, I've been discussing with a comics friend a new project for the second half of 2009. It's a little different for me, but then again maybe not. The story would be a short OGN, based on the myth of Orpheus and Calais. Orpheus, Jason's musically gifted Argonaut, and Calais, his winged lover. The project is very appealing for several reasons. (1) it's nicely written, (2) it's a gay romance in many ways, (3) it has lots of action-y stuff to draw. So here, I've started practicing drawing Calais, in case the project comes to fruition.

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