Friday, January 16, 2009

Somerville recycles—or does it?

Sadly, it's time for me to recycle inventory. While all my books have turned a profit, it's sensible to examine sales levels and understand that storing books that are not selling costs money. Thinking responsibly, I put 2 cases to the curb on trash/recycle day clearly labelled "CAUTION—HEAVY" and "RECYCLE PAPER" and the recycle truck took them away. The next week, I put 2 more out which were specifically left behind! I hate to be irresponsible and trash the books, but I need these F-ers out of my apartment... and I have a few more cases to go! This past week I have been going to bed @ 8 PM and getting up @ 4 AM to prep myself for the upcoming jetlag of my trip to Sweden (I know, I'm a dork). Fearful my heavy boxes would be left behind again, and taking advantage of the dead of night, I stealthly moved about my neighborhood, spreading the boxes far from my own apartment house, placing boxes on neighbors' trash bins. I felt bad for trashing rather than recycling, and also for potentially sticking neighbors with trash that woudn't be picked up. But all's well that ends well... the books are gone. Oh—of you are near the Porter Square subway station and want some free books, look for them next trash day.