Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ooops—sorry, I forgot to post last week! I'll make up for it soon, I promise, you, dear 73 followers.

But, I know not when—may I whine, bitch, and gripe a moment?

Thanks; Amidst my annual business travels (I basically travel for business thrice per year for my day job, each trip in March) I had to terminate an employee. It was difficult and stressful, and not the course of action anyone wanted. But, it had to be done, and it was for the best. End result, last weekend, March's last, I mostly slept. Do you lame me? No, I thought not.

But, I am feeling better now, especially that the bandwagon high season is over...though, very little "March Madness" talk entered my ears.

Back to the sketches: kicking off my travels, I spent a weekend in DC to ketchup with my former-weatherman friend Ryan. We went to the National Portrait Gallery. We think we've been before, together, but we neither could recall any details. He did remember that I called my grandmother from The Mall though. You'll recall from my post about her a few years back, she lived in DC during and just after World War II. That was sweet.

I love portraits of hot men in period clothing. Case in point, Yale's first chemistry professor. I believe he was age appropriate for me when this portrait was painted. He didn't hold up too well, but, I guess no one does. I like Maggie Smith's recent quote about how old people are scarey. 

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