Saturday, April 20, 2013


Finally home from North Carolina, and after a challenging week at work, our office team traveled by bus to Ithaca for a conference hosted by Cornell University.

Despite being days away from "spring", a massive blizzard was moving through upstate New York, into New England. So, whether we left when we did or later, we'd have been slammed.

Ithaca is a lovely, quaint, and nature-wise stunning town. But, it is really isolated, accessible from smaller state roads. Part of the charm.

But, in a blizzard, not terribly easy. At one point, in the village of Triangle, our bus got stuck on a hill surrounded by gorges. The driver had to back down the hill, with the aid of a utility truck driver.

The volunteer firefighters of Triangle hosted us for an hour or so, they were really nice. 

Many of my colleagues were terrified. One gal clung to the arm of Brett, which probably terrified him.

As you know, I'm really into the concept of my death (I mean, it's going to happen no matter what, right?), so I was pretty gleeful in the face of sliding into a gorge. The rest of the trip was eventful in other ways, but that's another story altogether. Ask me after a few margaritas. Hell, who am I kidding?—ask me after a half a margarita.

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